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The Power of Paging


With high reliability and unbeatable security and encryption, paging is a mainstay for many organizations today. Learn why hospitals seek to integrate pagers into their workflows and secure communications along with smartphones for maximum benefit and coverage. The reliable, cost-effective nature of paging provides an excellent communication method not only for roles that don’t require smartphones, but also in emergency situations when cellular and Wi-Fi communications can fail.

Pagers are more reliable than Cell phones.Wide Area Paging signals will penetrate through concrete and steel when a mobile cell signal may not.

Cellular Architure:

Transmission from a single tower.Transmitters Low to the ground.Connectivity through wireline telephone systemWeak Power

Paging Architecture:

Messages are simulcast from multiple towersHigh Power TransmissionConnectivity to towers via satelliteTransmitters high off the ground

Paging technology is 100% Digital , not analog.generated Glenayre Terminals GL3000

Pagers use multiple satellites with transmitter sites configured in a checkerboard pattern for redundancy

Two way satellite transmitters with two way alarming capability.Continuing investment in upgrades to Metrotels paging network backbone.Metrotel network backbone infrastructure,updates firewalls, antivirus and SPAM appliance to maintain network integrity and data security.

Metrotel Backbone network has over 1 million active paging subscibers.That process over 100 million messages per month Device flexibility includes 2 way pagers, Cell Phones, wifi phones , security servers.


WHY DOCTORS STILL USE PAGERSDespite the wave of innovative clinical apps for smartphones, iPads, and even Google Glass, the medical profession is not known as a bastion of modern innovation.Case in point: physicians still carry pagers. One recent estimate cites 90%+ of hospitals still use pagers.Conventional wisdom attributes the persistence of pagers in healthcare [...]

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