Reconnect/Reactivate a Wireless Pager or Beeper

Metrotel CAN reconnect pagers, beepers, and  alpha numeric pagers that you may have purchased or had from previous paging service companies.

Most Motorola pagers, Apollo pagers and Unication pagers have a label on the back which has the Frequency and a Cap code needed to Reconnect or reactivate a pager or beeper.

If for some reason Metrotel cannnot reactivate/reconnect your pager, Metrotel has a swap program in which Metrotel will Activate a number immediately for you and forward the pages to your cell phone and send an equivalent pager to you.

If you pay for a year in advance you will be eligible for our Free Pager Deal.

If you choose to pay Quarterly we will only charge the cost of repairing or replacing your existing pager.

If you were a previous customer of an existing pager company we can usually reactivate your pager immediately.

To review our pager plans please click HERE. To View our numeric Motorola, Apollo and Unication wireless pagers beepers , please click HERE. For Motorola , Apollo or Unication wireless pagers beepers please click HERE.


Of course our Paging Experts are standing by to help and we welcome you to call

               888 441 2616  

              8 AM-9 PM EST