Replacement Motorola Advisor Elite (W/ Your Same Metrotel Pager Number)

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Order Online or Call 888-441-2616

A replacement for your lost or  broken pager with the same Metrotel Pager number will be sent to you Activated and ready to use.
Metrotel Customer Service will also activate Pager Call Forwarding to your cell phone so you do not miss any important pages if you wish. (Cell phone number and carrier( i.e. Verizon, ATT, Sprint) required.


Call Customer Service @ 888 441 2616 Mon-Fri 9AM - 5 PM EST,

or use our CONTACT FORM for quick response.


  • Up to 4 line display - zooms in lines for larger view
  • Duplicate message management
  • Locks important messages
  • Notebook entries
  • Selective erase
  • Graphic battery gauge

  • Time of Day and Date
  • Erase all
  • Memory for 34 messages
  • Saves messages when off
  • Built-in alarm clock