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Pager Service Plans

Pager Service Plans

Metrotel offers Paging Service Plans that fit your lifestyle and budget needs


Paging Service Plans
  Quarterly Annual
 Numeric 12.95 per month 11.95 per month 
Alpha/ Numeric 19.95 per month 18.95 per month
Voicemail Option    
Standard Greeting  Free  Free
Custom Greeting  Free  Free
Junior Voicemail  2,00 per month  2.00 per month
Standard Voicemail  5.00 per month  5.00 per month
Voicemail Plus  10.00 per month  10.00 per month
Executive Voicemail  15.00 per month  15.00 per month
Coverage Options    
Local Included Included
Regional 5.00 per month 5.00 per month
Full Regional  10.00 per month 10.00 per month
Nationwide 20.00 per month 20.00 per month
Phone Number Options    
Local Number Included Free Included Free
Toll Free $12.85 per month 12.85 per month
Additional Options    
Message Call Forwarding 4.99 per month 4.25 per month
Additional Pager Number 6.00 per month 6.00 per month


Metrotel's Paging Service Plans Definitions

Numeric Paging - Pager Receives an alert and a numeric only message when caller punches in number on a touchtone keypad.
Alpha/Numeric Paging - Pager receives a text or numeric number via phone or email
Coverage - Area where pager is able to receive messages
Regional Coverage -Usually consists of a region such as "New England States"
Full Regional - Covers Eastern or Western portions of USA
Nationwide - Pagers are received on our exclusive Nationwide Paging system

Standard Greeting - 
When Callers dial your pager phone number, they will hear a greeting that says "Please enter your numeric message at the sound of the tone"

Custom Greeting - Custom VoicePrompt allows you to record your own greeting up to 15 seconds long that your callers will hear when they call your pager phone number.  Also includes Numeric Retrieval

Junior Voicemail - 10 Messages, 12 - Hour Storage, 30- second Greeting
Standard Voicemail - 10 Messages, 24-Hour Storage, 45-Second Greeting 
Voicemail Plus - 15 Messages, 24-Hour Storage, 60-Second Greeting
Executive Voicemail -15 Messages, 72-Hour Storage, 60-Second Greeting


Pager Call Forwarding- Message carbon copy also known as MCC allows pages sent to your pager to also be send to an email address and/or a text messaging address.  With this option, you can have pages sent to your cellphone and/or your email address so you could have a log of all messages sent to your pager.  


Local Number -Local pager phone number for your city (if no local numbers are available, the next closest phone number for a neighboring city will be assigned)


 Toll Free Number - Toll Free 800/877/888 phone number can be called from anywhere in the USA. (may be payphone blocked)

Additional Number - An  additional pager phone number  to your pager, a charge of $6.00 per number in addition to any extra cost options will apply.







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