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 Billing Information:

You will be billed, with your original order of a pager, the first month's Airtime fee and any added features such as voice mail.
 Shipping and handling is usually by USPS for fastest normal delivery.
After the first month you will automatically be billed Quarterly, in advance, for paging service and any applicable State taxes or fees.
The quarterly billing for service will automatically be billed to your credit card. 

Cancellation of services requires 30 day advanced written notification to Metrotel.com
Your first quarterly billing may be prorated to adjust the billing cycle to the first of the month.


The Apollo 924 is your low-cost Wide Area paging solution.
Ideal for reliably receiving text or numeric pagers locally, regionally or nationwide.


  • Apollo 924 Reversible Display Zoom Feature 2 or 1 Line Viewing 
    ALL New 812T Series
    With Reversible Zoom Feature
    Zooming From 2 to 1 Line 
    Quick Scroll In One Line Mode
    Innerglow LCD Display
    2 Line Display Feature
    26 Memory Slots
    Unlimited Character Per Mail Drop
    Double Back Light Display
    4 Beep Alerts, 8 Melody Alerts,
    Vibration and Sleep Mode
    Lithium Backup Battery
    5 Daily Alarm Sets
  • Month, Date, Year, Time Display
    Selective Message Lock / Delete
    Spring Loaded Holster
    3 Adjustable Scroll Speeds
    Built In Smart Chip
    Password Protection
    Up to 6 Capcodes Capability in pocsag and 16 capcodes in Flex 
    Sequential Lockout Option
    Data InvertInnerglow LCD Display


  • Zoom Feature allows for easy reading
  • Lightweight, Rugged Construction
  • Simple operation
  • Private and untraceable